Track records

Walk-to-work & Accommodation

The high specification vessels in our fleet are provided with an excellent dynamic positioning system to automatically maintain vessels’ desired position by means of thruster force.

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We recently supported a geophysical survey project in the Princess Elisabeth fairy bank OWF. G-tec (subsidiary of DEME) chartered the Glomar Vantage for 6 months firm plus options. Their MagWing multisensor magnetometer […]

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Wageningen Marine Research chartered the Glomar Pride for conducting visual observer-based surveys for detecting and identifying birds in the marine environment. The major development of offshore wind power led to identification for […]

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Guard & Chase

A certain part of our fleet has been specially developed for the needs and demands of the submarine cable industry, wreck removal, pipe laying and other offshore operations. Also, opportunity to use […]

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ERRV / Standby

Our fleet of purpose-built rescue vessels are attending offshore installations. The fundamental requirements our vessels are capable of is; good manoeuvrability, enhanced survivor reception and providing medical aid, state of art equipment […]

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