We recently supported a geophysical survey project in the Princess Elisabeth fairy bank OWF. G-tec (subsidiary of DEME) chartered the Glomar Vantage for 6 months firm plus options. Their MagWing multisensor magnetometer array for the nearshore survey, included an innovative way of filtering background noise induced by human activities. EIVA ScanFish which is connected to a large rigid frame (G-tec’s “MagWing”).

The first steps in the preparation of constructions, is to conduct a geotechnical survey. This excersice is to identify and systematically analyse the soil consistency, general conditions etcetera. Geophysical surveys provide insight into magnetic fiels and offers important information concerning seismic activities. With our extensive range of vessels, we provide a variety of surveys; geotechnical-, geophysical- and environmental.

VesselClientScope of workLocation / asset

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