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In our vision we declare we care for the environment. We consider our ecological footprint and measure our methods of how fast we consume resources and generate waste in our offices and on board of our vessels.

Recently, we started with bottle filling stations on board of our DP Multi-role vessels. Every year we supplied over 15.000 plastic, single-use bottles which resulted in plastic waste. Our first goal is to reduce the use of the plastic bottles with 50% to provide re-usable bottles for client and crew.

Our next steps we estimate with a strong, environmentally friendly based strategy. To achieve our ambitions, we have chosen the Elkay’s Hands-Free Bottle Filling Station. Elkay has a selection of no-touch, sanitary, sensor-activated bottle filling stations. The integrated filters produce clear, great tasting water for drinking from feedwater. For consumption purposes, the water is passed through these filters, mineralizers and treated with activated carbon for disinfection.

To offset what we do emit, we would like to offer you, as our client, a re-usable thermos bottle for either hot or cold water. These metal bottles are made from a lightweight steel which makes the bottle very durable. The bottle keeps your water ice-cold or warm due to the double-wall vacuum insulation. Because the dishwasher can impact the insulation, it’s best to hand-wash this bottle.

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