Glomar reduces environmental footprint with HVO20 and ChangeXL fuel


Glomar reduces environmental footprint with HVO20 and ChangeXL fuel

As of today, the 1st of November, 2021, Glomar Offshore has signed a deal to supply all our North Sea operated vessels with HVO20 and ChangeXL (HVO20 MET ChangeXL),  via our long standing fuel provided Gulf Bunkering.

HVO20 is a renewable diesel (80% diesel and 20% HVO) based on waste vegetable oils and waste and residual flows such as animal fats. It contains virtually no sulfur and unsaturated molecules such as olefins (alkenes) and aromatics. This in combination with changeXL’s enzyme technology ensures efficient and cleaner combustion for all types of engines, regardless of the sector or industry.
The action of HVO20 with ChangeXL is based on a mixture of natural enzymes, also called biocatalysts. This unique enzyme concentrate causes a molecular change of the fuel which leads to a faster and better combustion, resulting in:
• • Lower fuel consumption
• • Reduced emissions
• • Lower maintenance costs
• • Better performance
• • Prevention of bacterial problems
• • Longer engine oil life
• • Longer fuel life

Having already reduced our CO2 emissions by 6% and our NOx emissions by 16% in 2020, Glomar is confident that over the next years, we will further improve our environmental footprint from our operations.





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